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Cassandra Rogers

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****UPDATE DUE TO COVID 19*****3/16

I am sending out info via remind, so if you are not on my remind- please join now! Text the appropriate code to 81010-

1st and 5th period- @rogacc19

2nd, 3rd, and 8th period- @roglit19

6th/7th period- @19saa

First Chapter Friday Youtube link:  (coming soon!!!)












8th-grade Literature & Language Arts

Welcome to my class! The 2019-2020 school year will be my 8th year teaching. I LOVE my job! My job involves sharing my passion for reading- with my students!  Here you will find my lesson plans, contact information, and my schedule. 

Remind:  I do use remind to send out information about important dates. You can also email me @ 
Send a text to 81010 with the code pertaining to your class:  2nd, 3rd, & 8th periods- @RogLit19, 1st & 5th- @ RogAcc19, 6th/7th period- @19SAA


My conference time is 10:48-11:3. 

I stay most Mondays for SLAM. Students who come and work can earn back points. This is helpful as I do not accept late work or let students redo failed assignments. 

Important dates to keep track of- every other Friday we will have a vocab test. We will do the practice work in class, but the studying must be done at home. 
At the end of every month, a book project will be due. They will have an assigned genre and a specific project. It will always be due on the last day we are in class for that month. 


I will spend a lot of time with you this year. So, let me tell you a little about me.

1) I am ALL about respect. Don’t worry- you will hear A LOT about that.

2) I LOVE puns, cheesy jokes, witty jokes, and word plays.

3) You will know who some of my favorite authors are by the end of the year. I talk about them a lot. 

4) I want to learn what kind of stories YOU want to read. It is important that you and I both enjoy what we are reading. 

5) If you stick with me, you will be a better reader.

Did I mention I love puns? That includes some memes…

Passive Aggressive Poe


taco cat

Cassandra Rogers

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Cassandra Rogers

Open House

Friday, August 22 from 1-5

Back to School Pep Rally

Crockett gym @ 1pm

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