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Remote Learning

 Remote Learning

Remote Learning is an option for families who, even with all preventative measures in place, do not feel comfortable sending their children to school. Students in Remote Learning will receive instruction from PISD teachers in real-time, recorded, and also self paced instruction. 

 Students must remain in the online program for a minimum of one grading period before transitioning to the on-campus learning plan. 

 Internet and computer access are required during the school day, Monday through Friday.

 Parental support and supervision are necessary for a student to be successful. The parents act as a “learning coach.”

 Paris ISD traditional grading system will be used. 

 Students will follow Paris ISD dress code. 

 Students should have a designated, distraction free workspace to engage in learning.

  Students will utilize the same curriculum as students who attend on campus instruction and teachers will design strategies for learning in the remote environment. 

 Remote learning courses that earn high school credit will count in the GPA calculation and class rank as outlined in the PISD grading policy.

  Tech help will be provided to parents and students. 

 Students will complete activities assigned each day. 

 Students will show proof of participation in daily virtual instruction by satisfactorily completing assignments to demonstrate evidence of student learning, e.g. video, picture or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing assignments. 

 Students and parents will communicate with the teacher when needing additional assistance, tutoring, etc. 

 Some elective courses may have coursework that can only reasonably be completed in person, even if some components of the course can be taught virtually. The district can require a student to come to campus to complete a required assignment or project for an elective course if the course cannot be reasonably be completed 


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