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Thursday, January 12th, 2017:

Yesterday, we watched a video about Millennials. Simon Sinek made several statements about four issues facing millennials: parenting, technology, impatience, and environment. 

Today, you will use either google docs of Word to write a letter to Simon.  This is a response letter.

1)You must have it formatted in a letter format: date, salutation, body, and closing/signature.

2)The letter needs to be organized (sequential, order of importance, cause-and-effect, compare and contrast, problem/solution, main ideas and details, description).  

3) You must email or share the doc with Mrs. Rogers.

The letter will be printed and you will edit and fix it on Friday. 














**REMINDER** NO political discussions ** 


Look up the lyrics of your favorite song....or a song you like.

copy and paste them into an email. Count the syllables in each line, and write them at the end of each line. Then find any rhyming patterns and note that. 

Email to me...then, since i forgot to really update my appropriate free day! 

Be respectful. Be quiet!










1) Diamante poem

2) Acrostic poem

To get credit for the poems, Mrs. Rogers MUST receive an email copy of them.  

3) Tell Mrs. Ellis HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

4)  Once all that is finished, you may play the following games:











Friday- January 29th

You have an expository essay due next Friday. Today in the lab, you need to look up information on your topic.  You have to have a clear topic, an opinion that you are stating, and support for it. 

Look at both sides of the story.  That will help you sound more informed when stating your opinion.  

Remember, each essay has to include a quote.  You can have more than one quote, but 1) the majority of the paper has to be your words and 2) you must be able to cite the source.  

As you are reading up on your topic, take notes.  This will help you remember things next week.  You can also print out some of the information.  Ask for help before you print. 

Today’s goal: 1) Have a solid foundation of knowledge over your topic.  Find a good quote that will aid in supporting your opinion.  2) YOU MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM:

Extra:  This site will help you map out your essay:










Misplaced Modifiers: Prepositional Phrases

Click this link for the practice link. 

Read the info on how to correct misplaced modifiers and answer the 10 questions. 








Definition and Examples

Definition and Examples

Relative Pronouns:
Definition and Examples

Subordinating Conjunctions:
Definition and Examples

Definition and Examples

Commas: Definition and Examples

Information on engaging lessons:











Thursday, November 19th

First, compose an email to me. It is going to be an 8 sentence essay. Before you send it, read over it to check your grammar. You will be answering 4 questions about our discussions this week. You can use any notes you took. Your goal is to sound educated on the topic and to have thought out responses. No opinion is wrong. You WILL NOT write them as answers to a question, in other words, no labeling them as questions. Your format needs to be essay format. One paragraph.  Remember what we talked about when it comes to restating the question.

1) What topic did your class research and discuss this week? 

2) Why is this a hot topic in our country?

3) What are some of the pros/cons of this topic?

4) What do you think the solution should be?


At the end of the essay, in a second paragraph, I would like your feedback.  What did you think of doing a current event issue for an essay? What did you like? What didn’t you like?  No opinion is wrong. 


NEXT, since I did not get the book back to you to correct, you can go to this website: and answer those questions. When you are finished, show me your score. I will count that as you redoing your packet and adjust your grade. 

AFTER THAT, you can work on finding the lyrics for your song tomorrow. Analyze them on the form. The form MUST BE filled out before class tomorrow. 





November 5th-

1) Email Mrs. Rogers a summary of the days she was absent. What did you do? How did the class behave?  Anything (good or bad) noteworthy?

2) Open up a google doc and write the first 5 sentences of your essay.  Each sentence needs to be on its own line and numbered 1-5.  Then you will need to identify what type of sentences they are: simple, compound, or complex.  Highlight all the simple sentences one color, compound a different color, and complex a third color.  If you can't identify the sentence, perhaps it needs to be rewritten.

3) Share the doc with Mrs. Rogers BEFORE YOU LEAVE CLASS!

4) Start typing your final copy.  



Examples of quotes and essay questions:

Writing Prompts:
Use this website to help create a strong essay prompt.

USA bullying statistics:

To This Day Project:








When finished in the computer lab:

1) Fill out this form 

2) Play this game

3) Take this quiz and show Mrs. Rogers your score. 



contact me:






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