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Lesson Plans Aug. 20-24

Monday Warm Up:  Student will fill in a blank map review for continents and oceans

                Vocabulary:  Academic and Content for the week

                Lesson:  We will as a group go through the 5 Themes of History with a ppt.  Students will be fillling in the blanks we go through the ppt.  Students will pick on theme and draw a picture of what it might look like

Tuesday:  Warm Up:  Student will list the 5 themes of History

                  Lesson:  Students will be given a party invitation to fill out with knowledge needed.  As a group we will discuss the answers for the invitation.  Students then will be given a T Chart and will fill in the side Marked Reasons for Exploration

Wednesday: Warm Up:  Students will list all the items they can remember for the Reasons for Exploration

                      Lesson:   We will read RM-5 , The Jamestown Experience as a group and discuss.  Students will take notes on the side of the paper.  We will watch a small video on the Jamestown Experience and student will fill in the blanks as we read.

Students will create a sequential graphic organizer from the reading

Thursday:  Warm Up-Students will complete an appropriate sentence for the Academic and Content Words for the week.

                   Lesson: Students will use a triple Venn Diagram on the Reasons for Exploration and will use the word bank to put in the appropriate circle

Friday:       Students will work with two other classes to examine going to a different area to live.  Students will write a short essay on their findings