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Lesson Plans

8/20 Monday- Introduction to bell ringers and process. Discuss Constitution. Work on social contracts. Bellwork #1

8/21 Tuesday- Social contracts continue. CKH activity for class and groups.  Bellwork #2

8/22 Wednesday- Learn and practice “Good Things” activity. Introduction to textbook worksheet.  Bellwork #3

8/23 Thursday- Conclude textbook introductory worksheet. Bellwork #4

8/24 Friday- Bellwork #5 and Quiz #1 over all bellwork for the week.

8/27 Monday- 6 elements of Geography. Maps & map projections.  Bellwork #6

8/28 Tuesday- Definitions worksheet Chapter 1.  Bellwork #7

8/29 Wednesday- Finish worksheet. Assign Animals, birds & rivers for upcoming assignment. Bellwork #8

8/30 Thursday- Beginning of Year Test Day 1

8/31 Friday- Beginning of Year Test Day 2 .  Give copies of Bellwork #9 & #10, Quiz #2 (open notes), and ABR Assignment.

9/3 Monday Holiday—No school.

9/4 Tuesday- Hand in Quiz #2. Lesson on Chap. 2 Landscapes, Climates & Human Geography of Texas. Bellwork # 11

Assignment— Outline fill-in

9/5 Wednesday- Lesson on Chap. 2 Resources & Chap. 3 Texas Regions & Coastal Plains. Bellwork #12

Begin Texas Map assignment.

9/6 Thursday- Lesson on Chap. 3 North Plains, Great Plains, Mountains. Continue Map work. Bellwork #13

9/7 Friday- Bellwork #14 & 15. Complete Quiz #3. Finish & hand in maps.

9/10 Monday- Study Guide and Review for Unit 1 Test

9/11  Tuesday- Unit 1 Test

9/12 Wednesday-  Chapter 4 part 1 Chapter worksheet

9/13 Thursday- Chapter 4 part 2 continue worksheet

9/14 Friday- Quiz #4, Chap. 4 part 3

9/17 Monday- Celebrate Freedom Week— Constitution

9/18 Tuesday- CFW— Declaration of Independence

9/19 Wednesday- CFW— How a Bill Becomes a Law

9/20 Thursday- CFW— Federalism & State Powers Double Bubble

9/21 Friday- CFW— Quiz #5 & Constitution Video

9/24 Monday- Chapter 4 Review

9/25 Tuesday- Chapter 4 Test

9/26 Wednesday- Chapter 5 Spanish Explorers--Columbus, Cortes, & Narvaez

9/27 Thursday- Sp. Exp.--De Vaca, Estevanico, Marcos, & Coronodo

9/28 Friday- Quiz #6, Sp. Expl.--De Soto & Moscoso

10/1 Monday -Sp. Expl.-- De Onate

10/2 Tuesday-  Columbian Exchange & videoquiz

10/3 Wednesday- Chapter 5 Review/ study guide

10/4 Thursday- Chapter 5 Test

10/5 Friday- Quiz #7 & make-up tests/work

10/8 Monday- STAFF DEVELOPMENT- no classes

10/9 Tuesday- Misions, presidios, & LaSalle

10/10  Wednesday- Spanish response & expansion in East Texas & San Antonio

10/11 Thursday- Return to E TX, & Rio Grande, mission life

10/12 Friday- Quiz #8, finish all Chap. 6 work

10/15 Monday- New policies, relations with US, Louisiana Purchase

10/16 Tuesday= Adams-Onis Treaty, Mexican & Green Flag Revolutions

10/17 Wednesday- Mexican Independence & Impact on Texas

10/18 Thursday- Review Worksheet, Chaps. 6 & 7, (counts as test grade)

10/19 Friday- Quiz #9, finish all work for week

10/22 Monday- Review all of Unit 2 Exploration & Spanish Period in Texas for Unit test

10/23 Tuesday- Complete review of Unit 2

10/24 Wednesday- Review game to prepare for test

10/25 Thursday- Unit 2 Test on chromebooks

10/26 Friday- Quiz #10, finish all work for week

10/29 Monday- Begin Chapter 8 Review Moses Austin, Stephen F. Austin and Austin’s Colony

10/30 Tuesday- Continue Chapter 8, Settlement of The colony, The Old 300, Austin’s other colonies

10/31 Wednesday- Empressario System & other colonies in Texas. Chapter worksheet

11/1 Thursday-  Chapter 9 Worksheet, life in the Mexican Republic (timed pair share worksheet)

11 /2 Friday- Quiz #11, Finish Chapter 9 worksheet

11/5 Monday- Begin Chapter 10—Fredonia Rebellion, Mier Y Teran, Law of April 6, Anahuac 

11/6 Tuesday- Chap. 10—Anahuac Battle, Turtle Bayou Reolution, Battle of Velasco, Conventions of 1832 & 1833

11/7 Wednesday- Finish Chap. 10 lessons, S. Austin arrest, Briscoe & Travis, Cos military, Chap. or Unit Review

11/8 Thursday- Chapter 10 Test (or Unit 3 Test if department chooses)

11/9 Friday- Quiz #11, Video on Goliad

11/12 Monday- Review for Unit 3 Test

11/13 Tuesday- Unit 3 Test on chromebooks

11/14 Wednesday- Battles of Gonzales & Goliad; Declaration of Nov. 7; Chap. 11

11/15 Thursday- Siege & Battle of the Alamo; Texas declares independence & writes Constitution; Chap. 11

11/16 Friday Quiz #12, Runaway Scrape, Fannin, Battle of San Jacinto; Chap. 11

11/26 Monday (shift due to short days on 11/15 & 16) Texas Indep., Constit., Runaway Scrape, San Jacinto; Chap. 11

11/27 Tuesday Alamo Film Part 1

11/28 Wednesday Alamo Film part 2

11/29 Thursday Alamo Film part 3

11/30 Friday Alamo Film finish

12/3 Monday Begin Chap. 12, 1st Term of Houston, Treaties of Velasco- Worksheet A

12/4 Tuesday Finish Chap. 12, Term of Lamar, Houston’s 2nd term, Regulators- Worksheet B

12/5 Wednesday Chapter 13 Life in the Texas Republic Population groups, immigrants, culture- Worksheet

12/6 Thursday Begin Chap. 14 Seeking recognition, troubles with Mexico- Activity worksheet

12/7 Friday Quiz # 13, Mier Expedition

12/10 Monday Term of Anson Jones, Review Unit 4

12/11 Tuesday Unit 4 Test; Begin Chap. 15 Annexation Chapter Section reviews

12/12 Wednesday Chapter 15- State Constitution government, early governors

12/13 Thursday Mexican War, result & long-term changes Film notes

12/14 Friday Quiz #14, Texas Rangers & frontier clashes

12/17 Monday Begin review for Semester Test

12/18 Tuesday Finish review for Semester Test

12/19 Wednesday Study Day for Semester Test

12/20 Thursday Semester Test periods 1, 2, 3, and 4 Early dismissal

12/21 Friday Semester Test periods 5, 6, and 8 Early dismissal

1/8 Tuesday Begin Chapter 17 Round Robin Farming, Agriculture, Transportation

1/9 Wednesday Continue Chap. 17 Round Robin Education, Religion, Slavery

1/10 Thursday Chapter 17 Worksheet

1/11 Friday Quiz #15, Finish all work

1/14 Monday Film introducing Civil War; Writing on one of steps leading to war

1/15 Tuesday Begin Chap. 18’ Causes, beginning of war, Map assignment

1/17 Wednesday Battles across nation and in Texas; Battle Chart

1/18 Thursday War on home front, end of war; hangings, Palmito Ranch, Juneteenth. Worksheet

1/19 Friday  Quiz #16, finish all work; 2nd & 3rd to Computer Lab for Immigration town project

1/21 Monday School and Federal Holiday

1/22 Tuesday  Review sheet for Unit 5 Common Assessment

1/23 Wednesday  Kahoots review for Unit 5 Common assessment

1/24  Thursday  Unit 5 Test

1/25  Friday  (shortened schedule) Quiz #17 Finish any missing assignments

1/28 Monday Introduction to Reconstruction, Videos on overview, Juneteenth and Texas impact

1/29 Tuesday Begin Chap. 19 Emancipation, 13th Amendment, Freedmen’s Bureau, Johnson Plan Group work & Sect. 1

1/30 Wednesday Continue C. 19. 14th Amendment, Reconst. Act, Texas government. Continue Grp. wk. Sect. 2

1/31 Thursday End of Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, Sharecropping.  Chap. 19 Worksheet

2/1  Friday Quiz # 18  Finish all assignments for week.

2/4  Monday Begin Chapter 20 Indian Wars- Trty. of Little Arkansas, Tty. of Medicine Lodge, Comanches, Buffalo Term sheet

2/5  Tuesday Chapter 20 Section 1 & 2 Worksheet

2/6 Wednesday Ch. 20 Sect. 3 & 4 Adobe Walls, Palo Duro Canyon, Red River War, Reservation Life  Term sheet #2

2/7 Thursday  Ch. 20 Section 3 & 4 Worksheet

2/8  Friday Unit 6 Review Worksheet—  Civil War, Reconstruction, Indian Wars Chapter 18, 19 & 20

2/11  Monday  Unit 6 Review Worksheet---Finish and correct

2/12  Tuesday  Kahoots Review over Unit 6 WRITING MOCK TEST—Move plans down 1 day

2/13 Wednesday  Unit 6 Test

2/14  Thursday  Begin Chapter 21 The Cattle Kingdom—Early influences, Longhorns, Cattle Trails

2/15  Friday  Quizzes #19 & 20 on combined sheet

2/18  Monday Staff Development

2/19  Tuesday  Begin Chap. 21 (see previous Thursday)

2/20  Wednesday Finish Chap. 21 Barbed wire, blizzards end of Open Range

2/21  Thursday Begin Chap. 22 Railroads & Farming—Rail boom & growth, changes to farming

2/22  Friday Bellringer Quiz #21, Finish Chap. 22

2/25  Monday  Begin Chapter 23 The Oil Boom Spindletop, Boom & bust, Wildcatters, Boomtowns

2/26  Tuesday READING MOCK TEST----Bump down 1 day

2/27  Wednesday  Mighty Times Video part 1 & 2---Telpas Writing assignment #1

2/28 Thursday  Unit 7 Worksheet/Test

3/1  Friday  Mighty Times Video part 3 & 4---Telpas Writing assignment #2   Quiz #22 as Take home

3-4  Monday  Begin Chap. 24- Reform- Farms, Grange, Populists, Ross, Hogg, & Ferguson Outline Assignment

3/5  Tuesday  Finish Chap. 24, Progressive Movement, Temperance Movement, Suffrage Movement Outline #2

3/6  Wednesday  Begin Chap. 25 Rural Life & Urban Life early 1900s.  Worksheet

3/7  Thursday  Spanish-American War, Mexican Troubles, World War 1.  Video writing assignment.

3/8  Friday  Begin Chap. 26—Demobilization, Civil Rights, Jazz Age.  Word search & Quiz #23 as Take home 

3/11  Monday  Finish Chap. 26—Great Depression/New Deal Oerview, Stories, Questions

3/12  Tuesday  Kahoot Review for Unit Test

3/13  Wednesday  Study, Take Unit Test on D-Mac

3/14  Thursday  Show movie Old Yeller to classes—fill in Worksheet

3/15  Friday  Finish movie Old Yeller and Worksheet

3/25 Monday  Students will study STAAR vocabulary. 30 words on 4 square sheets.

3/26 Tuesday   Students will study STAAR vocabulary 30 more words on 4 square sheets

3/27 Wednesday Students will study STAAR vocabulary 30 more words on 4 square sheets

3/28 Thursday Students will take bechmark test

3/29 Friday  Students will complete benchmark test  Quiz #24 as a take-home

4/1  Monday  Students will review vocabulary words for test tomorrow. Make-ups for benchmarks.

4/2  Tuesday  Students will take Vocabulary Test and hand in all 4 squares. Begin film on Jamestown.

4/3  Wednesday  Finish Jamestown film, do video lesson on 13 colonies.

4/4  Thursday  Watch film Life in Colonies.  Divide into 3 groups, group assignemnt & presentations.

4/5  Friday  Activities packet on the 13 colonies.

4/8  Monday Activities packet on colonies and exploration

4/9  Tuesday STAAR Writing Test---6th period finish packets and quiz 25

4/10  Wednesday  Begin mini-unit on American Revolution

4/11  Thursday  Complete mini-unit on American Revolution

4/12  Friday  Quiz # 26, finish all work for week

4/15  Monday  Students will review World War 2 & the Cold War

4/16  Tuesday  Begin mini-unit on the Constitution & Bill of Rights

4/17  Wednesdsy  Complete mini-unit on Constitution & Bill of Rights

4/18  Thursday  Students will review Life in the 1950s & the early Civil Rights movement

4/19  Friday   No school...bad weather day

4/22  Monday  No school...bad weather day

4/23  Tuesday  Video, reading & worksheet on Constitutional Compromises

4/24  Wednesday  Worksheet and searching the Constitution for answers to questions

4/25  Thursday  Finish assignment from yesterday

4/26  Friday  Students will review Texas and the US during the 1960s & 1970s (Chapter 28)

4/29  Monday  Students will complete worksheet on Chapter 28

4/30  Tuesday  Students will go to room 302 to enroll for next year

5/1  Wednesday  Students will do assignment on Western expansion

5/2  Thursday  Students will begin film on Western expansion and answer treview questions

5/3  Friday  Students will finish film, question, and all work for this week

5/6  Monday  Film and questions on Division film (ATSOU ep. 4)

5/7  Tuesday  Chapter 29 Review & Worksheet

5/8  Wednesday  Jackson era & Manifest Destiny group activity begin

5/9  Thursday  Jackson era & Manifest Destiny group activity finish

5/10  Friday  Chapter 30 Review & Worksheet

5/13  Monday  STAAR Testing

5/14  Tuesday  STAAR Testing- Awards assembly

5/15  Wednesday  Field Trip Day

5/16  Thursday  Chapter 31 Review & Worksheet

5/17  Friday  Chapter 32 Review & Worksheet

5/20  Monday  Finish all work from book (mainly Algebra testers)

5/21  Tuesday  Begin review for Semester Test

5/22  Wednesday  Complete review for Semester Test

5/23  Thursday  Semester Test Classes 1-4  Early Release

5/24  Friday  Semester Test Classes 5-8 Early Release

8/19/19 Monday  CKH Activity, Introduction to US Map assignment.  Discuss Bering, Olmec, Maya, Aztec & Inca

8/20/19 Tuesday  CKH Activity, Finish Map assignment. Discuss Native American cultures pre-1492

8/21/19 Wednesday  CKH Activity, Begin Textbook Scavenger Hunt. Discuss West African History pre-1500.

8/22/19 Thursday  CKH Activity, Finish Textbook Scavenger Hunt. Discuss European History to 1492.

8/23/19  Friday  Map Quiz/Test. Create Classroom Social Contracts, 

8/26/19 Monday  Finish Map Tests as needed. Finish Social Contracts. Introduce Sources & Bellringers.

8/27/19 Tuesday  Primary & Secondary Sources & Activities

8/28/19 Wednesday Finish work on sources. Begin Bias & Reliability.

8/29/19 Thursday  Finish work on Bias & Reliability

8/30/19  Friday  Quiz on Bellringers, finish all work for week.

9/2/19  Monday  Labor Day  NO SCHOOL

9/3/19  Tuesday  Chapter 2 Worksheet—Columbus, Spanish conquests, Middle Passage

9/4/19  Wednesday  Finish Chap. 2 Worksheet, Introduce Roanoke & Jamestown

9/5/19  Thursday  Southern & Middle Colonies

9/6/19  Friday Vocabulary Quiz # 2, Plymouth Colony

9/9/19  Monday  Finish charts of 13 colonies, begin narrative pages.

9/10/19  Tuesday  Finish narrative pages on 13 Colonies, begin maps

9/11/19  Wednesday  Picture Day

9/12/19  Thursday  Review Glorious Revolution, Great Awakening and French & Indian War Maps & worksheets

9/13/19  Friday  Review Taxation, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Lexington & Concord  Finish worksheets

9/16/19  Monday  Review for Unit 1 Test

9/17/19  Tuesday  Constitution Day  Preamble & reasons for Constitution. Assign Preamble activity

9/18/19  Wednesday  Unit 1 Test

9/.19/19  Thursday Celebrate Freedom—7 Articles of Constitution & 3 Compromises

9/20/19  Friday  Celebrate Freedom  27 Amendments to the Constitution

9/23/19 Monday  BOY Testing

9/24/19  Tuesday  BOY Testing

9/25/19  Wednesday  Video—Liberty Kids & Worksheet

9/26/19  Thursday  Beginning of American Revolution & Dec. of Independence

9/27/19  Friday  Preamble Activity due, Continue American Revolution

9/30/19  Monday  Rebellion to Revolution video & questions

10/1/19  Tuesday  King George & taxes role-play

10/2/19  Wednesday  Declaration of Independence analysis paper

10/3/19  Thursday  War in the North & West 1776-1779 Battle Map

10/4/19  Friday  America: the Story of Us video & questions with sub (Groat in Kagan training)

10/7/19  Monday  Staff Development & Planning—No students

10/8/19  Tuesday  Finish video from Friday and questions

10/9/19  Wednesday  War in the South 1779-1781 (Worksheet)

10/10/19  Thursday  End of War & Treaty of Paris

10/11/19  Friday  Yorktown video and questions

10/14/19  Monday  Hand out & complete review sheet for Unit Test

10/15/19  Tuesday  Continue to review for Unit Test using T-Chart and cards

10/16/19  Wednesday  Kahoot on Revolutionary War

10/17/19  Thursday  Unit Test

10/18/19  Friday  Revolutiuonary War Tug of War activity outside or in indoor. All Tests must be completed today.

10/21/19  Monday  Influences of Government, Articles of confederation, Land & Northwest Ordinances

10/22/19  Tuesday  Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation & handout

10/23/19  Wednesday  Shays Rebellion video & worksheet

10/24/19  Thursday  Compromises & creating the Constitution

10/25/19  Friday  Vocabulary Test, Important people involved in the Constitution

10/28/19  Monday  Assignment over people of the Constitution, 7 Articles of the Constitution.

10/29/19  Tuesday  Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists.  Begin Bill of Rights Assignment. Due Friday as a test grade.

10/30/19  Wednesday  Complete review sheets for Unit Test next week

10/31/19  Thursday  Special activity—Yorktown, Benjamin Franklin from different perspective.

11/1/19  Friday  Finish & hand in Bill of Rights assignment. Checks & Balances, Separation of Powers.

11-4-19  Monday  Review for Unit test using chromebooks

11/5/19  Tuesday  Unit Test on Constitutional Era

11/6/19  Wednesday  George Washington’s 1st term. Chapter 7 Section 1 & 2 Worksheet

11/7/19  Thursday  George Washington’s 2nd term, Adams term.  Finish worksheet, Review terms.

11/8/19  Friday  Video & questions on Washington & Adams

11/11/19  Monday  Veteran’s Day Activities all classes.  Red River Veteran’s Memorial or 300 building

11/12/19  Tuesday  Begin Chapter 8. 1800 election, Jefferson, Marbury vs. Madison & judicial review.  US map 1812.

11/13/19  Wednesday  Louisiana Purchase short video & worksheet.

11/14/19  Thursday  Barbary States, British actions, Tecumseh, War Hawks Finish work from  yesterday.

11/15/19  Friday  War of 1812, short film & worksheets.

11/18/19  Monday  Finish War of 1812 & Worksheets

11/19/19  Tuesday  Paper Review & study sheets for Unit Test

11/20/19  Wednesday  Kahoot/Video Review for Unit Test

11/21/19  Thursday  Early America Unit Test

11/22/19  Friday  Tecumseh Video & Questions

12/2/19  Monday  3 Treaties 1817-1819, Monroe Doctrine Short videos & Fill-in square

12/3/19  Tuesday  Erie Canal, Era Of Good Feelings, Missouri Compromise videos & questions

12/4/19  Wednesday  1820s Social changes---paragraphs worksheet

12/5/19  Thursday  1824 & 1828 Elections.  Jacksonian Democracy—Terms

12/6/19  Friday  Jackson, sectionalism, Tariff of 1828,Nullification Crisis, Bank of the US, Whig Party

12/9/19  Monday  Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears

12/10/19  Tuesday  Paper review for Unit Test

12/11/19  Wednesday  Video Review for Unit Test

12/12/19  Thursday Unit Test (Jackson)

12/13/19  Friday  Special Activiity—Guest speaker in Conference Room

12/16/19  Monday  Paper review for Semester Test

12/17/19  Tuesday  Video/Internet review for Semester Test

12/18/19  Wednesday  Video/Internet review for Semester Test

12/19/19  Thursday  Semester Test---Periods 1,2,3, & 4

12/20/19  Friday  Semester Test---Period 5

1/6/20  Monday  Staff Development, no classes

1/7/20  Tuesday  Review Procedures, Breadcrumb lesson (politics 1834-1844)

1/8/20  Wednesday  Western Trails & Manifest Destiny

1/9/20  Thursday  Western Trails & Manifest Destiny Part 2

1/10/20  Friday  Texas Revolution

1/13/20  Monday  Texas Revolution & the Alamo, videos & questions

1/14/20  Tuesday  Mexican War—SG Questions

1/15/20  Wednesday  Mexican War, Maps

1/16/20  Thursday  California Gold rush, Terms

1/17/20  Friday   California video, Test Review (paper)

1/20/20  Monday  No school

1/21/20  Tuesday  Gadsden Purchase, Kahoot Review for Unit Test

1/22/20  Wednesday  Quizizz Review for Test, repeat Kahoot review

1/23/20  Thursday  Unit Test Western Expansion

1/24/20  Friday  Industrial Revolution, begin Chapter 12  **Shift** periods 1-4 out of building

1/27/20  Monday  Industrial Revolution, begin Chapter 12—Slater, Whitney, War of 1812

1/28/20  Tuesday  Lowell, factory systems, women workers, unions

1/29/20  Wednesday  Transportation changes—railroads, steamboats & effects

1/30/20  Thursday  Inventions—telegraph, reaper, steel plow, sewing machine

1/31/20  Friday  Chapter 12 Worksheet—counts as test grade

2/3/20  Monday Begin Chap. 13  Cotton gin, plantations, Southern economy

2/4/20  Tuesday  Social classes & life in the South for families

2/5/20  Wednesday  Slavery, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner

2/6/20  Thursday  Chapter 13 Worksheet—counts as Test grade

2/7/20  Friday  Special Region 8 speaker--Transcendentalism—Room 301 all classes

2/10/20  Monday  Begin Chapter 14—Irish & German immigration, Nativism & cities

2/11/20  Tuesday  Transcendentalism part 2—writers, utopias, goals

2/12/20  Wednesday  Reform Movements—2nd Great Awakening, Temperance, Education

2/13/20  Thursday  Abolitionists—JQ Adams, Garrison, Douglass, Tubman. Truth

2/14/20  Friday  Women’s Rights—Seneca Falls, Weld, Anthony, Stanton

2/17/20  Monday  No classes---Planning Day

2/18/20  Tuesday  Paper Review for Unit 8 Test

2/19/20  Wednesday  Video Reviews for Unit 8 Test

2/20/20  Thursday  Unit 8 Test

2/21/20  Friday  5 parts of 1850 Compromise—group research & reports

2/24/20  Monday  People in the Compromise, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Kansas-Nebraska Act

2/25/20  Tuesday  Sumner/Brooks, Dred Scott Case & Decision, Elections

2/26/20  Wednesday  Harper’s Ferry, 1860 election

2/27/20  Thursday  Secession begins—videos & map

2/28/20  Friday  Chapter 15 Worksheet 

3/2/20  Monday  Review for Chapter 15 Test.  Short schedule.

3/3/20  Tuesday  Chapter 15 Test.  ACC Projects due.

3-4-/20  Wednesday  MOCK Testing

3/5/20  Thursday  MOCK Testing

3/6/20  Friday  Harriet Tubman video.  TELPAS writing assignment.

9/8/20 Tuesday  Hand out syllabus, go over class and goals. Set up Remind & Google classroom. Context lesson.

9/9/20  Wednesday  Go over classroom procedures, begin About Me page.

9/10/20  Thursday  Complete “About Me” page, Hand in all sheets from Tuesday.

9/11/20  Friday  9/11 film, lesson & questions

9/14/20  Monday  Sources, bias sutudy of history.  Hand out study maps for test next week.

915/20  Tuesday  Early Native America & their cultures

9/16/20  Wednesday  Mesoamerica & West Africa

9/17/20  Thursday  Europe—Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, Renaissance

9/18/20  Friday  Constitution worksheet

9/21/20  Monday  Textbook Scavenger Hunt. Study for Vocabulary Test

9/22/20  Tuesday  Vocabulary Test #1, Begin Explorers note pages.

9/23/20  Wednesday  Finish Explorers Note pages, Watch Columbian Exchange video & do menu

9/24/20  Thursday  Spanish Explorers Lesson and Questions. Study for Map Test

9/25/20  Friday  Take the Map Test, Watch video on French, Dutch & Swedish colonies.

9/28/20  Monday  Transatlantic Slave Trade video & questions

9/29/20  Tuesday  Vocabulary Test 2

9/30/20  Wednesday  No classwork—Picture Day

10/1/20  Thursday  No classwork—Math BOY Test 

10/2/20  Friday  No classwork—Reading BOY test

10/5/20  Monday  Life in the Southern Colonies slides and notes

10/6/20  Tuesday No classwork—Science BoY Test

10/7/20  Wednesday  No classwork—Social Studies BoY Test

10/8/20  Thursday  Life in the New England & Middle Atlantic Colonies

10/9/20  Friday  Political change, French & Indian War, Boston events

10/12/20  Monday  Students will do a Kahoot to prepare for the Unit Test

10/13/20  Tuesday Students will complete the Unit Test

10/14/20  Wednesday  Students will watch a video on the French & Indian War& begin work on 2 maps

10/15/20  Thursday Students will complete their maps of before and after the War, then watch a video on the Boston Massacre

10/16/20  Friday Students will watch videos about the Boston Tea Party and complete questions as they watch

10/19/20 Monday  No classes for students. Staff development day.

10/20/20  Tuesday  1st Continental Congress, Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill

10/21/20  Wednesday  Common Sense, Declaration of Independence

10/22/20  Thursday  Revolutionary War 1775-1777, Saratoga, Europe help, Jones & Clark

10/23/20  Friday  Yorktown video (Liberty’s Kids)

10/26/20  Monday  Chapter 4 Section 4 lesson and worksheet

10/27/20  Tuesday  Lafayette, Yorktown, videos and questions

10/28/20  Wednesday Kahoot review for people of the Revolution Test

10/29/20  Thursday  People of the Revolution Test

10/30/20  Friday America the Story of US video & worksheet

11-2-20  Monday Kahoot review for Unit Test

11/3/20  Tuesday  Unit Test over Revolutionary Era

11-4-20  Wednesday  Begin Articles of Confederation, do 1800 US Map

11/5/20  Thursday  Problems of the Articles—Notes page

11/6/20  Friday  Video, questions over Shays Rebellion

11/9/20  Monday  Compromises & creating the Constitution.  Hand out Vocab study page

11/10/20  Tuesday  Important People of the Constitution, go over discuss, activity page.

11/11/20  Wednesday   Go over 7 Articles of the Constitution, Kahoot to prepare for vocab test.

11/12/20  Thursday  Vocabulary Test.  Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

11/13/20  Friday  Checks & balances worksheet.

11/16/20  Monday Begin Bill of Rights assignment. Watch video, fill out foldable.

11/17/20  Tuesday Finish Bill of Rights lesson. Apply knowledge to list of real & fictional cases.

11/18/20  Wednesday Use chromebooks to review for Unit Test.

11/19/20  Thursday  Show knowledge of Constitutional Era by doing well on Unit Test.

11/20/20  Friday Watch video on George Washington. Answer questions at end.

11/30/20  Monday   George Washington’s 1st term. Chapter 7 Section 1 & 2 Worksheet

12/1/20  Tuesday  George Washington’s 2nd term, Adams term.  Finish worksheet, Review terms.

12/2/20  Wednesday   Begin Chap. 8. 1800 election, Jefferson, Marbury vs. Madison. judicial review.  US map 1812.

12/3/20  Thursday    Louisiana Purchase short video & worksheet.

12/4/20  Friday  Video on early Presidents & answer questions about video

12/7/20  Monday  Continue Chap. 8. Chapter terms, finish work from last week.

12.8/20  Tuesday  Lewis & Clark short video & worksheet.

12/9/20  Wednesday  Barbary States, British actions, Tecumseh, War Hawks Important People Test #2.

12/10/20  Thursday  War of 1812, short film & worksheets.

12/11/20  Friday  Finish War of 1812 & Worksheets

12/14/20  Monday  Chapter 8 Worksheet

12/15/20  Tuesday  4 Presidents video and questions

12/16/20  Wednesday  Kahoot/Quizzizz review for Unit Test

12/17/20  Thursday  Early America Unit Test

12/18/20  Friday  Christmas Truce History video

1--4—21  Monday  No classes for students, staff development

1/5/21  Tuesday  Begin Monroe to JQ Adams slide show and worksheet

1/6/21  Wednesday  Finish slide show & worksheet, go over 3 Supreme Court cases

1/7/21  Thursday  Chapter 9 Worksheet

1/8/21  Friday  Andrew Jackson guided outline lesson

1/11/21  Monday  Age of Jackson videos and questions Hand out Study sheets for test

1/12/21  Tuesday  Indian Removal Act & Trail of Tears

1/13/21  Wednesday  Kahoot/Quizzizz review for Unit Test

1/14/21  Thursday  Age of Jackson Unit Test

1/15/21  Friday  Hand out & begin going over Semester Test Review sheets  

1/18/21  Monday  King Holiday  No classes 

1/19/21  Tuesday  Finish paper review for Semester Test. do Quizzizz review with chromebooks

1/20/21  Wednesday  Do Kahoot review on chromebooks for Semester Test

!/21/21  Thursday  Semester Test periods 1, 2, 4, & 5.  60 minutes each class. Early release

1/22/21  Friday  Semester Test periods 6, 8, & 9  60 minutes each class.  Early release.  

1/25/21  Monday  Western Expansion & Manifest Destiny

1/26/21  Tuesday  Western Expansion, Oregon Trail

1/27/21  Wednesday  Texas Revolution & the Alamo

1/28/21  Thursday  Texas Independence, US Annexation of Texas

1/29/21  Friday  US-Mexican War, US Expansion Map

2/1/21  Monday  California Gold Rush, Part 1 Video & questions  Go over Vocab list

2/2/21  Tuesday  California Gold Rush, Part 2 Video & questions

2/3/21  Wednesday  Vocabulary Test 6.  Hand out Study sheets for Unit Test

2/4/21  Thursday Wrap-up day for Western Expansion. Videos & Worksheet

2/5/21  Friday  Kahoot/Quizizz review for Unit Test

2/8/21  Monday  Unit 7 Test—Western Expansion

2/9/21  Tuesday  Industrial Revolution- Slater, Whitney, War of 1812

2/10/21  Wednesday  Lowell, Factory systems, women workers, Unions

2/11/21  Thursday  Transportation changes- Railroads, steamboats & effects

2/12/21  Friday  Students working on HS enrollment in computer lab

2/15/21  Monday  Steamboats & Trains, Transportation improvements

2/16/21  Tuesday  Samuel F. B. Morse & Morse code

2/17/21  Wednesday  Classes cancelled

2/18/21  Thursday  Classes cancelled

2/19/21  Friday  Classes cancelled

2/22/21  Monday Finish Industrial Revolution, Inventions.  Hand out study sheet for Inventors Test

2/23/21  Tuesday  Begin Chap. 13. Cotton gin, plantatiuons, Southern economy

2/24/21  Wednesday  Social classes, life in the South, families, slave revolts

2/25/21  Thursday  TELPAS assignment, Harriet Tubman video & writing 

2/26/21  Friday  Inventors Test, Begin Chap. 14 Immigration

3/1/21  Monday  Irish & German immigration, Nativism & cities

3/2/21  Tuesday  Transcendentalism —writers, utopias, goals

3/3/21  Wednesday  Reform Movements—2nd Great Awakening, Temperance, Education

3--4--21  Thursday  Abolitionists—JQ Adams, Garrison, Douglass, Tubman. Truth

3/5/21   Friday  Women’s Rights—Seneca Falls, Weld, Anthony, Stanton

3/8/21  Monday  Video Reviews for Unit 8 Test

3/9/21  Tuesday  Unit 8 Test

3/10/21  Wednesday  5 parts & people of 1850 Compromise—group research & reports

3/11/21  Thursday  Wrap up Compromise, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Sumner/Brooks

3/12/21  Friday  Video Ken Burns Civil War part 1 The Cause

3/22/21  Monday   Dred Scott Case & Decision, Elections

3/23/21  Tuesday  Harper’s Ferry, 1860 election

3/24/21  Wednesday  Secession begins—videos & map

3/25/21   Thursday  Kahoot review for Test

3/26/21  Friday  Chapter 15 Test.  ACC projects due.

3/29/21  Monday  Begin Civil War. Key individuals, Anaconda Plan, Advantages & Disadvantages N/S

3/30/21  Tuesday  Early battles, Bull Run, Peninsula Campaign, Shiloh, Antietam, to 1863

3/31/21  Wednesday  MOCK Testing, no lessons

4/1/21    Thursday  MOCK Testing, no lessons

4/2/21  Friday  Bad weather day, no school for teachers or students

4/5/21  Monday  Civil War, Antietam & Emancipation Proclamation

4/6/21  Tuesday  Civil War Turning points & late Battles (Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Sherman’s March)

4/7/21  Wednesday  End of the Civil War— Lincoln’s inauguration & plan, Appomattox, death of Lincoln. Review all

4/8/21  Thursday  Civil War Test

4/9/21  Friday Begin Reconstruction, 10% Plan, Wade-Davis Act, Amnesty Plan

4/12/21  Monday  Reconstruction—Freedmen, Amendments, KKK

4/13/21  Tueday  Reconstruction—Governments, Sharecropping, end of Reconstruction

4/14/21  Wednesday After the War—railroads, Homestead Act, Indian Wars

4/15/21  Thursday  No lessons—Mock Science Test today.

4/16/21  Friday  No lessons—Mock Social Studies Test today.

4/19/21  Monday  Discuss Mock Test, begin STAAR Blitz Day 1  Categorizing historical eras

4/20/21  Tuesday Go over part of Mock Test, STAAR Blitz Day 2  Exploration & Colonization

4/21/21  Wednesday  Go over part of Mock Test STAAR Blitz Day 3 American Revolution

4/22//21  Thursday  Go over last of Mock Test, STAAR Blitz Day 4 Constitution

4/23/21  Friday  Weather Day—No classes for students or teachers.

4/26/21  Monday STAAR Blitz Day 5 Constitution Part 2.  First packet due today.

4/27/21  Tuesday  STAAR Blitz Day 6, Begin packet 2  Early Republic & Jackson Eras

4/28/21  Wednesday  STAAR Blitz Day 7 Industrial Revolution Era

4/29/21  Thursday  STAAR Blitz Day 8 Westward Expansion Era

4/30/21  Friday  STAAR Blitz Day 9 Reform & Sectionalism Eras

5/3/21  Monday STAAR Blitz Day 10 Civil War & Reconstruction

5/4/21  Tuesday  STAAR Review using chromebooks & educational technology

5/5/21  Wednesday  STAAR Review using chromebooks and educational technology

5/6/21  Thursday Science STAAR Test—No classes

5/7/21  Friday Social Studies STAAR Test—No classes

5/10/21  Monday  Review for Math & Reading STAAR Tests

5/11/21  Tuesday  Math STAAR Test— No classes

5/12/21  Wednesday  Reading STAAR Test— No classes

5/13/21  Thursday  Game Day— In-class gaming activities

5/14/21  Friday  Fun Day— Short schedule, US Map & cities assignment

5/17/21  Monday  America The Story of US video & questions

5/18/21  Tuesday  Begin paper review for Semester Test

5/19/21  Wednesday  Finish paper review for Semester Test

5/20/21  Thursday  Kahoot/Quizizz/Gimkit Reviews for Semester Test

5/21/21  Friday  Rescheduled Field Day—No classroom activities


8/30/21  Monday— Spanish Explorers slides & lesson.  Fill in sheet

8/31/21  Tuesday— Columbian Exchange lesson & video, English, French & Dutch colonization

9/1/21    Wednesday--  Roanoke, Jamestown & Plymouth

9/2/21    Thursday — Life in the Southern Colonies

9/3/21   Friday— Life in the New England colonies

9/6/21  Monday— No classes for students. Labor Day

9/7/21  Tuesday— Colonial governments & charters.  Notes, video & questions

9/8/21  Wednesday— English Poliitical Traditions. Notes & worksheets.

9/9/21  Thursday— Mercantilism & Salutory Neglect. Notes & introduce Warm-up pages.

9/10/21  Friday— September 11 Video, lesson & questions

9/13/21    Monday  Students will do a Kahoot to prepare for the Unit Test

9/14/21    Tuesday Students will complete the Unit Test

9/15/21    Wednesday  Students will watch a video on the French & Indian War & begin work on 2 maps

9/16/21    Thursday Students will complete their maps of before and after the War, then work on slide notes on the Boston Massacre

9/17/21    Friday Constitution Day Activity

9/20/21  Monday  Stamp Act , Sugar Act & other taxes. Study sheet for Friday Test.

9/21/21  Tuesday  Colonists react to taxrd, “Taxation without Representation”

9/22/21  Wednesday  Boston Tea Prty & British response

9/23/21  Thursday  Liberty Kids episode and questions.  Pep Rally schedule

9/24/21  Friday  First Continental Congress Notes & short video

9/27/21  Monday  2nd Continental Congress & Battle of Bunker Hill.  Notes & short video. Review sheet for Friday Test.

9/28/21  Tuesday  Declaration of Independence.  Notes & worksheet.

9/29/21  Wednesday  Advantages, Disadvantages, People.  Worksheet packet #2

9/30/21  Thursday  Battle of Saratoga & Valley Forge.  Finish Worksheet packet.

10/1/21  Friday  Important People of Revolution Test.  Notes on South & Sea Battles when done.

10/4/21  Monday  Battle of Yorktown & Treaty of Paris.

10/5/21  Tuesday  Review for Unit Test using paper & online sources.

10/6/21  Wednesday  Picture Day.  Study for Test when done.

10/7/21  Thursday  Revolution Unit Test.

10/8/21  Friday  America: The Story of US video and worksheet.

10/11/21  Monday  Staff Development—No classes

10/12/21  Tuesday  Begin Articles of Confederation, do 1800 US Map

10/13/21  Wednesday  Problems of the Articles—Notes page

10/14/21  Thursday  Northwest Ordinance & Land Ordinance

10/15/21  Friday  Video, questions over Shays Rebellion

10/18/21  Monday Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise, other compromises

10/19/21  Tuesday  Foundations of the Constitution-Magna Carta, John Locke, Map assignment

10/20/21  Wednesday  Ratification, Federalists & Anti-Federalists

10/22/21  Thursday  Adoption, Articles, Preamble

10/23/21  Friday  Liberty Kids Constitution & Eras chart

10/25/21  Monday  Principles of the Constitution—Warm-up and assignment page.

10/26/21  Tuesday  Principles of the Constitution part 2—Warm-up and checks & balances diagram

10/27/21  Wednesday  Amending the Constitution—Amendments and failed amendments

10/28/21  Thursday  3 Branches of Government

10/29/21  Friday  No classes

11/1/21    Monday  Citizens & Responsibilities.  Hand out and go over study sheet for Friday Amendments Test

11-2-21  Tuesday  Bill of Rights Part 1. Begin Bill of Rights Project page

11/3/21  Wednesday  Bill of Rights Part 2 Continue Project page

11-4-21  Thursday  Problems & Solutions. Gimkit Review for tomorrows test.

11-5-21  Friday  Constitution concepts & Bill of Rights Test

11-8-21  Monday  Paper Reviews for Unit Test on Wednesday

11-9-21  Tuesday  Gimkit & Kahoot reviews for tomorrows test.

11/10/21  Wednesday  Constitution Unit Test

11/11/21  Thursday  Veterans Day  Video and writing assignment

11/12/21  Friday  Begin Early Presidents Unit.  George Washington’s 1st term.

11/15/21  Monday  Alexander Hamilton & the National Bank Notes & worksheet

11/16/21  Tuesday  Washington’s 2nd term and farewell Notes & assignment page

11/17/21  Wednesday  Birth of Political Parties and their differences

11/18/21  Thursday  John Adams  Notes and worksheet

11/19/21  Friday  Jefferson’s 1st term

11/29/21  Monday  3 early Supreme Court cases & John Marshall

11/30/21  Tuesday  Jefferson & the Louisiana Purchase

12/1/21  Wednesday  Jefferson’s 2nd term

12/2/21  Thursday  Madison’s election & the War Hawks

12/3/21  Friday  War of 1812  Video & worksheet

12/6/21  Monday  The Presidents video & questions

12/7/21  Tuesday  Washington to Jefferson power point and worksheet

12/8/21  Wednesday  Aftermath of War of 1812, James Monroe’s Presidency

12/9/21  Thursday  Video reviews for Unit Test

12/10/21  Friday  Early Republic Unit Test

12/13/21  Monday  Paper review for Semester Test

12/14/21  Tuesday  Video Review for Semester Test

12/15/21  Wednesday  Video Review for Semester Test

12/16/21  Thursday  Semester Test periods 1, 2 & 3  Extended class time, School dismissal 12:30

12/17/21  Friday  Semester Test periods 4,5,6 & 7  Extended class time.  School dismissal 12:30

1/3/22      Monday  No classes for students—Planning Day

1-4-22     Tuesday  Jackson Day 1  Elections of 1824 & 1828  Assignment:  Note fill-in sheet Big Changes

1/5/22      Wednesday  Jackson Day 2  Democracy under Jackson, Notes, slides New warm-up sheet

1/6/22     Thursday  Jackson Day 3 Tariff & Nullification Notes, slides, Worksheet

1/7/22     Friday Jackson & Removal of 5 Tribes  Notes, slides, reproduce map page 336-337

1/8/22   Monday  Jackson Day 5 Jackson vs. Bank  Notes, slides, finish map as needed, Do review sheet for Unit Test

1/9/22  Tuesday  Jackson Day 6  Literature & Art Notes, slides Worksheets

1/10/22  Wednesday  Review Day for Unit Test using Gimkit, Kahoot

1/11/22  Thursday  Jackson Unit Test

1/12/22  Friday 5 Tribes Project. Students given cards, work together to complete sheet SCHOOL DAY CANCELLED

1/17/22  Monday  King Holiday—No classes

1/18/22  Tuesday  SCHOOL DAY CANCELLED

1/19/22  Wednesday  Videos and questions Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton, & Samuel Slater

1/20/22  Thursday  Begin Industrial Revolution

1/21/22  Friday  Eli Whitney

1/24/22  Monday  Free enterprise, Slater, Lowell & factory systems Hand out study sheets for inventors test.

1/25/22  Tuesday  Erie Canal & steamboats

1/26/22  Wednesday  Immigration & Urbanization

1/27/22  Thursday  Clay’s American System & Sectionalism

1/28/22  Friday  Inventors & Inventions Test.  Missouri Compromise

1/31/22  Monday Videos & questions  Erie Canal, Texas Immigration, & Missouri Compromise

2/1/22    Tuesday  Begin Westward Expanion, Manifest Destiny

2/2/22    Wednesday  Oregon & Oregon Trail

2/3/22    Thursday   Texas Revolution & Annexation  SCHOOL DAY CANCELLED  BAD WEATHER

2/4/22    Friday   Mexican-American War          SCHOOLDAY CANCELLED  BAD WEATHER

2/7/22    Monday   Texas Revolution & Annexation Hand out Unit Test Review Sheets

2/8/22    Tuesday  Mexican-American War

2/9/22    Wednesday  California Gold Rush & Mormon Trail

2/10/22   Thursday  America The Story of US: West  video & questions

2/11/22  Friday  Powerpoint & Worksheet Mexican-American War in depth

2/14/22  Monday  Gimkit & Kahoot Review for Unit Test

2/15/22  Tuesday  Unit Test (Western Expansion & Industrial Revolution combined)

2/16/22  Wednesday  Begin Reform Era  2nd Great Awakening, Prisons, & Mental Institutions

2/17/22  Thursday  Temperence & Education

2/18/22  Friday  Abolitionists & Underground Railroad

2/21/22  Monday  No classes

2/22/22  Tuesday  No classes

2/23/22  Wednesday  Transcendentalists & Civil Disobedience

2/24/22  Thursday  Women’s Rights, Susan B. Anthony, & Seneca Falls Convention  ICE!!!! SCHOOL CANCELLED

2/25/22  Friday  People of the Reform Era Test, Women’s Rights after test.

2/28/22   Monday  Finish Women’s Rights & all Reform Era work

3/1/22     Tuesday  Begin Sectionalism: North & South economies, State’s Rights

3/2/22    Wednesday  Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act

3/3/22   Thursday   Republican Party begins, Dred Scott Case

3-4-22   Friday  Video & writing assignment for TELPAS on Harriet Tubman

3/7/22   Monday  Slave revolts, John Brown & 1860 Election

3/8/22   Tuesday  Confederate States of America formed, Ft. Sumter attacked.  Sectionalism Unit Test (chromebooks)

3/9/22   Wednesday  America The Story of US—Division video & worksheet   TELPAS Testing for some

3/10/22 Thursday  Compromise of 1850 Focus Lesson                                     TELPAS Testing for some

3/11/22  Friday  Kahoot, Gimkit for points, Funb Friday schedule

3/14-3/18  Monday through Friday  SPRING BREAK    NO CLASSES

3/21/22  Monday  North vs. South, Civil War advantages & disadvantages, Anaconda Plan  2 maps

3/22/22  Tuesday  Early Civil War Battles, 1st Bull Run to Antietam

3/23/22  Wednesday  Emancipation Proclamation, Draft Riots, New soldiers for North

3/24/22  Thursday  Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Grant & Sherman

3/25/22  Friday  1864 Election & End of War

3/28/22  Monday  Civil War Review & wrap-up.  Hand out vocab page for Friday Test.

3/29/22  Tuesday  Civil War book review. Worksheet

3/30/22  Wednesday No classes----Math MOCK test

3/31/22  Thursday  No classes-----Reading MOCK Test

4/1/22    Friday   Civil War Vocabulary Test

4/4/22    Monday  Begin Reconstruction 10% Plan, Wade-Davis Bill, Amnesty Plan

4/5/22    Tuesday  Freedmen’s Bureau, 3 Amendments, KKK

4/6/22   Wednesday  No lessons---- Science MOCK Test

4/7/22    Thursday  No lessons---- Social Studies MOCK Test

4/8/22    Friday  The South, sharecropping, & the end of Reconstruction

4/11/22  Monday  Homestead Act, Transcontinental Railroad, paper review for Unit Test

4/12/22  Tuesday  Indian Wars & Industrial Changes  Worksheets

4/13/22  Wednesday  Video Review for Unit Test

4/14/22  Thursday  Civil War/Reconstruction combined Unit Test

4/15/22  Friday  No classes  Weather Day/Good Friday

4/18/22  Monday  STAAR Blitz Day 1 Eras

4/19/22  Tuesday  STAAR Blitz Day 2  Exploration & Colonization Eras

4/20/22  Wednesday  STAAR Blitz Day 3 American Revolution Era

4/21/22  Thursday  STAAR Blitz Day 4 Constitution Era Part 1

4/22/22  Friday  STAAR Blitz Day 5 Constitution Era Part 2

4/25/22  Monday  STAAR Blitz Day 6 Early Republic & Jackson Eras

4/26/22  Tuesday  STAAR Blitz Day 7 Industrial Revolution

4/27/22  Wednesday  STAAR Blitz Day 8  Westward Expansion

4/28/22  Thursday  STAAR Blitz Day 9  Reform & Sectionalism Eras

4/29/22  Friday  STAAR Blitz Day 10  Civil War & Reconstruction Eras

5/2/22   Monday  Video reviews, Make-up day for packets

5/3/22   Tuesday  Technology STAAR Review for a grade

5/4/22   Wednesday  Matching Sheets STAAR Review

5/5/22   Thursday  Science STAAR Test; No classes

5/6/22   Friday  Social Studies STAAR Test;  No classes

5/9/22   Monday  America the Story of US: Civil War video & worksheet for test grade

5/10/22  Tuesday  Math STAAR Test;  No classes

5/11/22  Wednesday  Reading STAAR Test;  No classes

5/12/22  Thursday  Mighty Times video & questions;  Shortened classes today

5/13/22  Friday  Board Games/Card Games Day 

5/16/22  Monday  No classes—Teacher Work Day

5/17/22  Tuesday  Paper review for Semester Test

5/18/22  Wednesday  Technology Day  Power Point creation & Gimkit/Kahoot/Blooket

5/19/22  Thursday  Board Games/Card Games Day #2

5/20/22  Friday  Field Day—Starts mid-morning

8/29/22  Monday  English, French & Dutch colonization

8/30/22   Tuesday--  Roanoke, Jamestown & Plymouth

8/31/22   Wednesday — Life in the New England Colonies

9/1/22     Thursday— Life in the Middle Colonies

9/2/22     Friday—No classes for students

9/5/22    Monday---Labor Day— No classes

9/6/22    Tuesday---  Life in the Southern Colonies  Lowman worksheets

9/7/22    Wednesday--- Representative Government in the Colonies   Unit Test review sheet

9/8/22    Thursday--- English political traditions and the First Great Awakening

9/9/22    Friday--- Salutary Neglect & Mercantilism  

9/12/22  Monday---We will review the English colonization of the present-day US & special facts about each region. You will review on Gimkit today.

9/13/22  Tuesday---We will review the English colonization of the present-day US & special facts about each region. You will take the Unit Test today.

9/14/22  Wednesday---We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will answer questions about G. Washington & B. Franklin.

9/15/22  Thursday---We will review the Bill of Rights for Celebrate Freedom Week. You will complete an amendment review sheet.

9/16/22  Friday---We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will complete 2 maps of the French & Indian War.

9/19/22  Monday—We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will review a list of importnt people for a test this Friday.

9/20/22  Tuesday—We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will watch a video on the Boston Massacre & do a worksheet set.

9/21/22  Wednesday-We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will watch a video & do an exit ticket on the Boston Tea Party.

9/22/22  Thursday—We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will watch Liberty’s Kids & complete a worksheet on the show.

9/23/22  Friday—  We will complete a test on the important people of the Revolution Era.

9/26/22  Monday---We will review events leading up to the American Revolution. You will complete a written assignment on Lexington & Concord.

9/27/22  Tuesday--- We will review events of the American Revolution. You will complete an assignment on the Declaration of Independence.

9/28/22  Wednesday— We will review events of the American Revolution.  You will begin a chart of important battles of the war.

9/29/22  Thursday---We will review events of the American Revolution.  You will add to the chart of battles.

9/30/22  Friday--- We will review events of the American Revolution.  You will complete the chart of battles and submit it for a grade.

10/3/22  Monday---We will review events of the American Revolution.  You will complete notes on the Battle of Yorktown.

10/4/22  Tuesday---We will review events of the American Revolution. You will watch a video on Yorktown & answer questions about it.

10/5/22  Wednesday---We will review events of the American Revolution. You will do a Gimkit review for the test.

10/6/22  Thursday---We will review events of the American Revolution. You will complete the Unit Test on dmac and submit for a test grade.

10/7/22  Friday---No classes for students. Staff development day.

10/10/22  Monday---No classes for students. Staff development day.

10/11/22  Tuesday--- We will review events related to the writing of the Constitution.  You will complete a note sheet on the Articles of Confederation.

10/12/22  Wednesday---We will review events related to the writing of the Constitution. You will complete a map of the Northwest Territory.

10/13/22  Thursday---We will review events related to the writing of the Constitution. You will do a worksheet over days 1,2 & 3.

10/14/22  Friday---We will review events related to the writing of the Constitution. You will watch a video & answer questions about Shays’ Rebellion.

10/17/21  Monday—We will review events related to the writing of the constitution. You will do a Venn diagram of the Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise, & other compromises

10/18/21  Tuesday—We will review events related to the writing of the Constitution  (Foundations of the Constitution-Magna Carta, John Locke) We will do a Map assignment.

10/19/21  Wednesday—We will review events related to the Ratification, Federalists & Anti-Federalists. You will complete a set of worksheets.

10/20/21  Thursday—We will review events related to the Adoption, Articles, & Preamble of the Constitution. You will do a scavenger hunt.

10/21/21  Friday—We will review separation of powers & checks and balances. You will complete all work for this week.

10/24/22  Monday—We will review Amending the Constitution and Congress. You will complete a checks and balances worksheet.

10/25/22  Tuesday—We will review the Executive branch. You will do a Gimkit to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

10/26/22  Wednesday—We will complete a test on the Bill of Rights & Principles Of the Constitution.

10/27/22  Thursday—We will review citizenship and responsibilities. You will complete worksheet set #3.

10/28/22  Friday—We will watch America: The Story of US. Revolution. You will answer questions as you watch.

10/31/22  Monday—We will review the Bill of Rights.  You will work on a Bill of Rights Project page and a study map.

11/1/22   Tuesday—We will finish reviewing the Bill of Rights. You will finish the project page.

11-2-22   Wednesday— We will identify 20 Eastern states.  You will take a test on 20 states and review for the Unit test.

11-3-22   Thursday—We will review greivances addressed by the Constitution. You will complete a worksheet set.

11-4-22   Friday— We will watch a video on the Constitution.  You will answer questions about the video. 

11/7/22   Monday—We will prepare for the Unit Test. You will do a Gimkit to study.

11/8/22   Tuesday—We will show knowledge of Unit 4.  You will take the Unit 4 Test on DMAC.

11/9/22   Wednesday—We will review Washington’s 1st term. You will begin a worksheet on Washington.

11/10/22  Thursday—We will review the role of A. Hamilton in Washington’s administration. You will finish worksheet.

11/11/22   Friday—We will watch a video about Veteran’s Day. You will complete a writing assignment based on the video.

11/14/22  Monday—We will review Washington’s 2nd term. You will fill in a sheet from a slide show.

11/15/22  Tuesday—We will review the development of political parties.  You will fill out a party chart & time line.

11/16/22  Wednesday—We will review John Adams term of office. You will complete a worksheet set.

11/17/22  Thursday— We will review Jefferson’s election & policies. You will begin a US map assignment.

11/18/22  Friday— We will review 3 key Supreme Court cases. You will finish your map & do a paper on the cases.

11/28/22  Monday—We will review the Louisiana Purchase. You will fill in a sheet from a slide show.

11/29/22  Tuesday—We will review Jefferson’s 2nd term.  You will begin a worksheet set.

11/30/22  Wednesday—We will review the War Hawks. You will finish your worksheet set.

12/1/22    Thursday—We will review the War of 1812. You will complete a worksheet from the textbook.

12/2/22   Friday—We will review President Madison. You will answer questions from a video.