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Lesson Plans Nov. 5-9

November 5-9, 2018


Warm up for Monday and Tuesday-Students will list at least 2 items that happened during the Revolutionary Era

Warm Up Wednesday thru Friday:  Students will write one item in the hall on the paper with Each paper representing:  The Exploration and Colonization Era, or Revolutionary Era


Monday: 1. Students and Teacher  read and highlighted  Issues of the Continental Convention , Compromises and Problems of  the Convention  2.  Students created a bubble map for the Principles of the Constitution

Tuesday:    1.  Students and teacher will view the 10 minute Compromises and Problems of the Convention and students and teacher 2.  Students will complete a 3, 2, 1 for both videos on the Birth of the Constitution  3.  Teacher will take up 3,2,1 and ask questions from the student’s work.

Wednesday:  1. Students will start the review for the Constitutional Convention Era.  We will be looking at asking questions based on the Articles of Confederation to Constitutional Convention

Thursday:   1.  Students will go to Computer Lab and individually complete The Exploros Review for the Constitution

Friday:        1,  Students will test on the Articles of Confederation through Constitutional Convention