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Lesson Plans Dec. 17-21

December 17-21, 2018


Students will complete any work not already turned in

Students will work in Groups on TEKS 8.2A, 8.3A, 8.7C, 8.12B to complete the review and then we will go through the papers and make any corrections necessary

Students will take this home as a study guide


Students will complete 100 Facts about History

Students and teachers will work and make any corrections

Students will use this as a study guide


Students will work over the core concepts of  this semester 

Students will take this home as study Guide


Students will go over each ERA we have studied and will make

a small poster 

Students will take this home as a Study Guide

1st-4th Periods will take  their exam


Students will ask questions they are unsure of and we will discuss it in class

Periods 4-8 will take their exam