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Lesson Plans Jan. 14-18

Week of January 14 thru January 19, 2019

Monday thru Thursday :  

             Warm Up-Staar Question and Strategy


:Lesson:  Exploros- Wesward Expansion-Students will log in, read the summary and answer the questions

HOMEWORK:  Students will review the Timeline Activity and complete the answers


Lesson:  Students will walk thru the Oregon Trail Simulation

               Students will discuss with their group and record their answers to the Simulation

HOMEWORK;  Students will divide the vocabulary words in their groups and complete the word and a definition in their own words


Lesson:  Students and teacher will read the US – Mexico War overview   RM101

Students and teacher will complete graphic Organizer RM 102

HOMEWORK; Students will take 3 short US-Mexican War readings (RM 104) and compete a summary for class

Thursday: Students and Teacher will take the summaries and complete the T-Chart for RM 104


Students will take notes on activities for the week and complete any activites  that have not been finished