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Stacia Hobbs


    Welcome to 7th Grade!


We have an exciting year ahead of us, and I’m glad that each of you is

here to share in it!


When you leave class this year, I expect you to understand many

interesting and helpful ways that math is used everyday, and I

expect you to be well prepared for 8th grade.


  *Parents, please check your child's Student Planner each day for assignments and upcoming test.


 We will be using SpringBoard as our math curriculum this year.

SpringBoard Course 2 is seven interactive student-centered units that cover 7th Grade topics including integers and rational numbers, equations, inequalities, and linear relationships, 2-D geometry and similarity, 3-D dimensional geometry, statistics, personal financial literacy, data and probability. Students will receive a consumable workbook that has activities that cover each topic.


Students will be responsible for the following:

Completing each activity (including Lesson Practice) from the unit menu.

Taking 1-2 embedded assessments from each unit along with performance tasks/quizzes.

Taking a final unit assessment.

Taking a cumulative final exam at the end of each semester.

Actively and positively participating in class.




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