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Welcome to Mr. Watson's Class Site

CAT Tv Video Broadcasting - Yearbook &
7th / 8th Grade Computer Applications!

It's a great day to be a Paris Wildcat!

Here is our “Mask Rap” video from Feb. 26th, 2021  … a video we captured from youtube and
added our people to for fun. Hope you enjoy.



CAT Tv Show December 18th, 2020  Christmas Special

CAT Tv Show December 11th, 2020


CAT Tv Show December 4th, 2020

Teacher feature with Mrs. Harris and Staff Trivia!

CAT Tv Show Nov. 6th, 2020

Teacher Feature with Mrs. Marshall, Science Experiment and a Wash Your Hands fun video!T
This show runs about 10:30min


CAT Tv Show Oct 30th, 2020
Here it is … our Halloween Special.  For one day only, CAT Tv becomes BAT Tv! 


Hope you enjoy this week’s CAT Tv show featuring a Corona Virus music video and a teaser for our Halloween special.

CAT Tv Show Oct. 23rd, 2020

Video 1 - Darth Vader leaves video on youtube for PJH
Video 2 - Mrs. Berend's Class response to Darth Vader
Video 3 - Darth Vader's repsonse to Mrs. Berend's Class.


Video 4: Mrs. Jones' class video in response to the Darth Vader "STAAR" Test episode.

We're happy to be PJH, watch our video -



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