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Benjamin Hall


Welcome to my online classroom!!!

7th Grade Math Lab

My name is Benjamin Hall and I am the 7th Grade Math Lab Teacher at Paris Junior High. This class will work in conjunction with the students’ core math class. We will work on strategies to help students solve problems as well as work on areas that they may be struggling in with math. We will also relate the math to real world situations to help get a better understanding of its application. I know from experience that some subjects may be extremely tough, but if we put our minds to it and give our best effort, we can grow in that subject matter and better reach our goals. I expect my students to help build each other up when they are struggling with problems. I also expect my student to respect themselves when they run into a problem that they can’t figure out. I know that sometimes in life we have failure and setbacks and we have to face things that are harder for us to do than others, but I want my students to learn that it’s not about how many times you fail or how many setbacks you have, but it is about how many times you get back up after those failures that determines how successful you are in life. I am extremely excited about this school year and I am expecting big things.

Benjamin Hall

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