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Daily Schedule


Art 101 Remind App Codes

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Art 101 Google Classroom

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Art 101 Weekly Schedule  

Date                                         Objective                       Project/Activity         Notes     
Monday (8/23) Review of Friday. Intro to Group Projects Famous Art Group Project  
Tuesday (8/24) Continue working on Group Project   This project is for a grade. Everyone must particiate. It will not go into the grade book till the entire piece for the class is finished.
Wednesday (8/25) Book Arts PowerPoint/ Start Books  Elements and Principles of Design Journals Because the supplies has not all come in for this project yet Ms. Ward has had to make some adjustments. 
Thusday (8/26)

Finish books and go over Rubrics

Friday (8/27)

Ketchup Day

Students can work on:


-Check on Course Expectations


-Group Project


Students need to have their Course Expectations signed by a parent and turned back in for a grade. 

E- Greetings at the door. Students will get their Portfolios out and wait for class to begin. 

X- Good things/ journals/ Review of the weekend/ Projects to start on 

C- Powerpoints on Lesson for the day/ Follow alongs techneques

E- Students will follow Art Contracts/ Work on and complete Projects/ Participate in Art Critiques/ Clean up at the end of class

L- Quote/Thought of the Day/ Ticket out the door


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