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Lesson Plans

Junior High Choir Lesson Plan 

September 26th-29th

We will improve our ensemble sound

I will improve my skills while learning new experiences


First Concert – September 28th

Second Concert – December 14th 

Warm Up

  1. Stretching – neck, shoulder roll, 
  2. Breathing – Sssss,
  3. Tone – Hum (D-R-M-F-S) to activate resignators 
  4. Agility/Range – Zee, ee, ah (Do, Mi Sol asending)

Skill Building

  1. Students will sing solfege patterns (Powerpoint)
  2. Students will accurately respond aurally to teacher-led hand signs


  1. Phrasing through vowels
  2. Attend to precision through building tone

Piece #1 – “Put A Little Love in Your Heart”

Piece #2 – “You Gotta Be”

Piece #3 – “You Will Be Found”

Piece #4 – “Be A Light”

Tuesday/Thursday – All Region