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Student Resources

HELP!  REMEMBER: Don’t get STUCK in the moment, whatever is happening CAN GET BETTER!

What should you do if a student is bothering you? 

  • All students are instructed to use the "Four Steps of Conflict Resolution" when they have a problem
    with another student. These steps include:

                            -Ignore (the hardest step but works the best)
                            -Walk Away
                            -Use an "I" message (Ex.: “I don't like it when you touch my stuff, please stop.")
                            -Tell an adult

What can you do if someone is spreading rumors about you or your friend?  (These really work!)

  • Change the subject. (Start talking about food or what you plan on doing that night.)
  • Walk Away
  • Use an “I” message  EX. I don’t want to talk about her when she is not here. 
  • Laugh and say it’s ridiculous
  • Tell the person it’s none of their business or it’s not true.
  • Say something nice about the person instead.

What do I need to know about Internet use? 

  • It is best to not post anything on a site like Instagram or Facebook that s/he would not want everyone to see. Posting personal and relationship information on the Internet is dangerous for minors. Once you let go of the information, you will no longer have control over who sees or hears it.  

What do I need to know about texting?

  • It is best not to text anything that may be perceived as obscene or threatening. Texting personal and relationship information, including pictures, is dangerous for minors.  Again, once you let go of the picture or information, you will not have any control over who looks at it or reads it.  

What can I do when I get stressed? 

Junior High can be very stressful.  Try these to help deal with those hard days.

  • Vent to a friend/family member/counselor
  • Exercise, ride a bike, take a walk, play a sport
  • Make a plan for how to solve/handle what’s bothering you
  • Look for the positive in your situation
  • Be creative: Draw, Paint, Sing, Act, Write!
  • Substitute a good behavior for the one that is bothering you
  • RELAX: Meditate, do relaxation exercises, or listen to calming music
  • Spend time with your pets
  • Talk to a counselor or doctor
  • Eat well and sleep well

How are schedule changes handled?

  • Student schedules are carefully planned in the spring by faculty that best know the students’ academic needs. Schedule changes often cause disruptions to student learning. As a result, counselors are only authorized to make schedule changes for cases of a scheduling error or academic need. The counseling office will accept schedule change requests until the end of tghe first week of school. Parents are welcome to discuss other schedule changes with one of our Principal