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How we can help

The counselors of PJH are eager to help your child with any social, emotional, or behavioral issues that impact their

learning at school.  Counselors help students through individual sessions, counseling groups,and more. 



Students should complete a Request to See the Counselor blue slip in order to meet with one of the school counselors.   If a student

has an emergency, they do not have to complete a request. Forms are located in the bucket beside our mailbox just inside the

counseling office and may be placed inside our mailbox once it is filled out. Blue slips can be picked up in the morning, in between

classes, or after school. The mailbox is always kept locked to keep student information confidential and private. 

What is a Counseling Emergency?   One of the 3 hurts      – A student hurts him/herself

                                                                                                  – A student hurts someone else

                                                                                                  _ A student is being hurt by someone else



Parents are welcome to contact one of the counselors with any social, emotional, or behavior concerns that impact school learning.

 If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please call to set up

an appointment since we are usually with students during the school day.