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Stadium Rules

Student Seating Is South End of Stadium

With the 2014 varsity football home season opener coming up Friday, Sept. 5, it’s a good time to remind everyone about procedures governing attendance by Paris ISD students at home games.

Student seating is in Sections A and B (south end of the home side bleachers nearest Loop 286). These sections are reserved for Paris ISD students only. Additional concession stand and restroom facilities will be available for convenient student access at the south end of the stadium.

Any PISD student, grades pre-K through 12, must either sit with a parent/guardian or in the designated student sections. PISD students will be issued wristbands when they purchase their tickets. They must wear the wristbands when they enter the stadium and may not remove the wristbands while at the game.

The wristband will be used by PISD administrative staff to record visits to the concession stand and/or restroom facilities. A student will be allowed to leave the bleachers to visit that area twice during a game. If the student leaves the bleachers a third time, he or she will be removed from the stadium.

Other provisions of the policy remain the same from previous seasons:

  • No loitering will be allowed at the concessions/restroom area. Students must return to their seats after they have exited the concession line and/or used the restroom facilities.
  • Students in grades pre-K through 6 must be accompanied by an adult family member or guardian (An older sibling or family member who is also a current PISD student does not qualify to be the designated adult family member).
  • High school students are requested to sit in the upper rows of the designated student sections, while younger students will sit on the bottom rows.
  • Any student who is not currently enrolled in a PISD school will not be allowed to sit in the designated student sections.
  • Students should arrange transportation home when the game concludes. Any student remaining on campus 30 minutes after the completion of the game who is still waiting on a ride may be barred from attending future home games. Students are advised to make arrangements in advance or contact their rides during the third quarter to coordinate pickup.

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