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This 9 weeks the book report is book of choice! Any genre you choose. (no picture books or quick reads) If you aren’t sure about a book just ask!

There will be 2 test grades. 

1- Students will write or type a summary of the book. DO NOT google information. I will be looking at the book so I will know!!!!! The school has a program that  checks for plagiarism. 

2- Students will give a 1 minute presentation about their book. You may read your summary. If you need me to print it you can share it to Mrs. Flemming or Mrs. Penny. Your grade is based on the information you give in your presentation and length of presentation. For example:  If you only talk for 30 seconds your grade would be a 50. 

This is how they will get their 2 test grades.


Book reports are due February 15. 

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