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Bridget Crain

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5th Period

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12 & 13

About Me

Educational History:

I graduated High School in Coalgate Oklahoma. I was a CHS WILDCAT then and I am NOW a... PJH Wildcat!  

Degrees and Certifications:

I went to Northeastern State Univiversity in Tahlequah Oklahoma Graduating with a BS/ED in Vocational Home Economics.

Family Information:

I got married in June 2000 to my best friend.  We have been together now 21 years. I have one step-son who is married living in Louisiana with his wife.  NO grandkids yet… just waiting.

My husband and I just got a new puppy…. He is an Australian Shepherd and he is FULL of LIFE!  

Personal Information:

My husband and I love ADVENTURE.  We like ALL kinds of camping.  We tent camp, RV camp or floating down the river in a kayak or canoe, day camping.  Our first date started on the Buffalo River canoeing and we have gone back to the same place nearly every year to celebrate our Anniversary.  

We also like to ride motorcycles.  There is no end to where the next trip may take us.  

We also like trains, planes and automobiles!  No JOKE!  I am planning a trip right now!  I hope to see you there to.  

Bridget Crain

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Classroom Number:
12 & 13
Conference Time:
5th Period