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Lindsay McCarter

Welcome to Week 1 of online learning for Choir and Theater Arts.  My goal is to keep things light hearted and fun!  I know you all will have enough stress trying to get all your assignments done for your core classes.  So….to take some stress off of you, I just want to make your choir and theater assignments something fun and less stressful for you!  It would be hard for us to do a play virtually or for our choir to sing online.  I would also welcome any fun and creative ideas you might have for our online time together.  I am also here to help with your other school work.  Just email me at with any questions you might have and I will do whatever I can to help make this time of uncertainty better for you!

I will be communicating through either Remind or Google Classroom each week with one to two assignments for each class.  This week we are having a VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK!  Look for details in Google Classroom.  Please check your email for an invitation to join our Google Classroom OR go to Google Classroom and enter the following codes depending on which class you are in.

Google Classroom codes:

Theater Arts:  r5dqevp

Boys’ Choir: gqi4b3p

Girls’ Choir:  x3luq2w

Also...although I will post everything on Google Classroom, I also have a Remind.  If you or your parent haven’t already joined our Remind, please text 81010 with the following message according to your class.

Remind codes:

Theater Arts:  @hfg9b34

Boys’ Choir: @gdb299

Girls’ Choir:  @c6ggdf3

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